Elemi Oil – The Latest Anti-aging Beauty Secret

elemi tree

Elemi oil may just be the most prized ingredient in skin care products today. High-end brands of facial creams and moisturizers—Chanel, Marc Jacobs, YSL, Estee Lauder, etc.—now sneak in this wonder oil which is touted to lift and plump up sagging skin. This amazing oil from the Philippines has actually been used since ancient times—in Egyptian embalming practices, in aromatherapy (it’s a close relative of frankincense and myrrh) and in the treatment of a variety of skin infections.

Elemi oil is extracted by steam distillation from the gum which oozes out of the bark of the Canarium Luzonicum tree, a tropical tree which is native to the Philippines. Known locally in the Philippines as Pili, this tree exudes an oleoresin gum which has been traditionally used for aromatherapy and as kindling material to fire up local wood stoves. In 2011, a representative of Chanel contacted the provincial agriculturist of Sorsogon, Philippines, to order up to 10 metric tons of the oil per month. Is this not an indication that elemi oil holds mysterious secrets to beautiful skin?

For a century now, France has been importing cheap elemi oil from the Philippines and has profited much by developing a wide array of products from it. Healing ointments, skin care products, food flavorings, fragrances, adhesives, lacquers and varnishes are just some of the many products which the French have made out of elemi oil.

General Health Benefits
• Antiseptic. Elemi oil shows antiseptic activities against bacteria, viruses and fungi. This may well be the reason for its being used in the ancient Egyptian practice of embalming mummies.
• Analgesic. The ability of elemi to relieve pain explains why it has long been used in folkloric medicine to treat sprains, aches and joint pains.
• Expectorant. Elemi oil has a soothing citrusy fragrance which, when inhaled, relieves sinus congestion and aids in expectoration of phlegm.
• Stimulant. Elemi oil is said to stimulate the activities of many organs in the body. The regenerative, excretory and hormonal sytems of the body are sped up, thus making the body better able to eliminate wastes and toxins.
• Anti-inflammatory. Elemi oil exhibits anti-inflammatory properties which explain why it has been used to manage arthritis and joint pains.

Benefits of Elemi Oil on the Skin
Chanel’s newest line—the Ultra Correction Lift—features elemi oil, said to hold the secret to keeping the skin’s cellular structure in “perfect tension,” so that it appears plump, naturally lifted and youthful. When the cells are in perfect tension, collagen and elastin fibers are in abundance, making facial contours well-defined and the texture refined and toned. Elemi oil is touted to stimulate the production of tensin, a protein which plays a critical role in delaying aging.

Products Containing Elemi Oil
• Chanel Ultra Correction Lift series of skin care products
• Gucci fragrances
• Ralph Lauren body care products
• Dior skin care products
• Marc Jacobs fragrances
• Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash and Toner (the cheapest brand you can find)
• Blissoma Awake Morning Facial Moisture
• Neal’s Yard Remedies Purifying Palmarosa Serum

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