How To Care For Your Particular Skin Type

skin of different types

Knowing your skin type is key to knowing how to care for your skin. The quick way you can determine your skin type is to use either the Early Morning Method or the Post-washing method of noting the oil residues left by your skin on tissue or blotting paper. In addition to these methods, simple observation of your skin can help you assess your skin type. The following are the general characteristics of the 5 different skin types and the ways by which you can care for each.

Normal Skin
Truly blessed is the person with normal skin as it is the best-looking skin and one which is easy to care for. It is neither oily nor dry, has fine pores, can work with almost any beauty product and stays pimple-free in most weather conditions.

Recommended beauty products: Normal skin can be best maintained by a cleanser and toner for normal skin, gel or cream moisturizer and a weekly scrub or mask. Normal skin could go slightly dry or oily only on extreme conditions.

Dry skin
Dry skin is flaky and frequently feels tight, especially after washing and during cold weather. It is especially prone to premature aging and wrinkling and is exacerbated by harsh cleansers and toners. The key to caring for dry skin is to moisturize and hydrate it.

Recommended beauty products: Cream cleansers, rich creams and moisturizing facial masks are the beauty products for this type of skin. Toners and facial scrubs are not needed.

Oily skin
Oily skin is greasy on almost all areas, has enlarged pores, has a thick and rough epidermis and is prone to pimple break-outs and acne. However, with age, this skin type is most resistant to aging and wrinkling compared to other skin types. When the oil is properly controlled, this skin type can look great.
Recommended beauty products: Gel cleansers, oil-control toners, not-so-rich creams, twice- or thrice-a-week facial scrub and a weekly oil-controlling facial mask comprise the ideal regimen for oily skin.

Combination Skin
Combination skin will have both oily and dry areas. The oily areas are usually the forehead, nose and chin or the T-zone while the eyes and outer cheeks have dry patches.
Recommended beauty products: Gel cleansers, mild toner applied on the T-zone, mild creams and special masks for combination skin are the best products to use.

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin easily reacts with beauty products which do not cause problems for other skin types. Redness, inflammation, break-outs and itching are the usual symptoms of sensitive skin.
Recommended beauty products: Care for sensitive skin is best left in the hands of a dermatologist. Usually, however, hypoallergenic products work well with this skin type.

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