How To Know Your Skin Type

know your skin type

Knowing your skin type is probably the single most important thing you should know before you embark on any skin care regimen. Your skin type determines what kind of skin care products you should use. No matter how pricey the beauty products you use, if they are not suited to your skin type, the results will only be disastrous.
There are 5 basic skin types and yours may fall into one type, although you could switch to another type when you are especially stressed, are pregnant or have special physical or emotional conditions such as going on a pill, getting sick or becoming pregnant. You may have to test your skin type every 6 months or so or whenever your circumstances change. How do you determine your skin type? Read on.

Early Morning Method
You can determine your skin type upon waking up in the morning. Simply press on your whole face a clean sheet of blotting paper or facial tissue and note the residues left by your skin on it.
• Normal skin will not leave traces of oil on the tissue or paper.
• Dry skin will also not leave traces of oil on the paper but instead may leave some flaky residues.
• Oily skin will leave oily residues on the tissue, corresponding to many areas of the face such as the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
• Combination skin will leave oil on the tissue, corresponding and limited to only the forehead and nose area, or the T-zone.
• Sensitive skin tends to be dry and thus does not leave oil on the tissue.

Post-washing Method
If you can’t wait until morning to determine your skin type, this method can be used any time of the day.
Wash your face with your facial cleanser and wait for a full hour. Blot on your whole face a sheet of thin paper or tissue and refer to the above criteria for determining your skin type.

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