Ilog Maria and Human Nature– World-class Brands of Organic Philippine Personal Care Products

I am featuring here two Filipino companies which every Filipino ought to be proud of.  They are Filipino through-and-through, environmentally-friendly, health-promoting, socially responsible and world-class.  
honeycomb-like building at Ilog Maria compound
Ilog Maria
Ilog Maria is an ordinary family’s heartwarming tale of honeybee farming which has grown into a stable company, producing a line of organic bee-product-derived personal care products.  The family lives in a modern-day paradise surrounded by hives of honeybees and all kinds of trees from which these bees source their honey.  The amazing thing is that the farm is powered by green energy such as solar and wind.  They have this charming windmill which lends to the place a European countryside ambiance.  I want to live in a place like this when I grow old.  The idea of growing bees, living with bees and using bee products for personal care–while making a living out of them– is simply amazing to me.  You must visit the site, if only to get to understand the wonders of bee products and even bee stings, to health.
Their products:
Essential oils for aromatherapy such as ylang-ylang, apple, lemongrass, jasmine, sampaguita, orange, cinnamon and other plant oils.
Beauty and skincare line includes honey face scrub, royal jelly honeymilk lotion, royal jelly cleanser, moisturizer and face oil.
Health products include pure, premium grade bee products such as bee propolis, honey cider vinegar, virgin honey, frozen royal jelly and fresh bee pollen (all are in my wish list).
Handmade soaps come in all sorts of natural goodness—sandalwood and honey, propolis, coffee, milk and honey, bamboo charcoal, ginger and lemon, spearmint and oatmeal, lavender and honey, and many other natural soaps.
Other personal care products include toothpaste, sanitizer, feminine wash and insect repellant.
Spa products include massage oils featuring oils of rosemary, lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus.
Beeswax products are made of their surplus beeswax which they sculpt into artistic, iconic candles which come in the shapes of flowers, leaves, colonnades and angels—perfect as décor and gift items and to light up candlelit dinners.
Human Nature
Human Nature is the first brand of organic personal care products that I have tried and the one which educated me first about organic lifestyle.  What impressed me with this company is that ring of authenticity which you could sense after a quick tour through their site.  Read the amazing history of this company here.  I also love the fact that this company maintains a professional website which features everything there is to know about the company, its products and advocacies.  For instance, they have an online store which caters to both the Philippines and the US.  They have a well-updated monthly newsletter which you can access online. 
I have ordered several times from their online store and I have always been satisfied with their promptness in delivery and with the fact that they deliver out-of-stock items free of charge as soon as the product becomes available.
Human Nature products use natural, plant-based ingredients such as essential oils of coconut, coco nectar, avocado, sunflower, passion fruit, citronella, lemon, lemongrass and elemi oil.  There are no parabens, talc and artificial colorants.
The company has enough social responsibility to build sunflower and passion fruit farming communities which provide livelihood to thousands of farmers.  That is compassionate social responsibility redefined.
Their products:
Mineral make-up includes mineral foundation, blush, eye shadow, lip gloss, tinted lip balm, lipstick and cleansing oil.
Hair care products include shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.
Facial care products include facial wash, facial scrub, toner and moisturizer.
Body care line includes body lotion, body butter, hand and foot salve, massage oil, feminine wash, underarm deodorant and shaving oil.  
Kiddie- and baby-friendly products include baby wash, baby oil and baby lotion; sanitizer spray, citronella anti-mosquito spray and pocket hand soap.
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