Moringa Products You Should Try

Moringa is one super food you must try.  It beats oranges for Vitamin C content, bananas for potassium levels and milk for calcium density.  The good reviews you’ve probably been flooded with are not hype, they are scientifically documented.  To read more on the nutritional profile of moringa, click here.
freshly-picked moringa leaves
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Fresh Moringa
If you have the fortune—as I have– of living in a tropical country, you would do your health immense favor if you regularly eat moringa.  And I mean freshly picked from your backyard.  Drop the leaves into a bowl of fish, chicken or any soup and simmer for no more than a minute for a most healthful fare.  It’s the best way to load up on moringa as you can eat a whole bowlful of it.  Yes, I eat bowlfuls of it to up my breastmilksupply.  It’s so cheap here in the Philippines (you can just pick from your neighbor’s garden).  You could also infuse the leaves in a cup of hot water for a hot and calming tea, or dip the infused leaves in a mixture of soy sauce and spicy vinegar for a quick side dish.  But if fresh moringa cannot be had in your part of the world, consider the other products below.
fresh moringa leaves dried in the shade
Moringa Powder
Moringa powder is simply moringa leaves which are dried in the shade and then pulverized.  I can make it myself.  Here’s the procedure.  There should be no other additives added.  Read the manufacturing process to make sure the leaves are not sun-dried, which reduces the nutritional density of the product.  Moringa powder is good for mixing into your baked products, into your baby’s cereal and into your cereal.  You can experiment on practically any dish you like.  Don’t be afraid to experiment as moringa powder does not mess up the flavors of most dishes.
Moringa Tea
To be honest, I don’t think I would try this as I can have all the fresh moringa in my backyard.  But if you’re living outside of the tropics and are particularly fond of teas, consider adding moringa tea in your armoire of herbal teas.  These should be made of shade-dried moringa leaves.  Be ready with your honey or better yet, coco sugar, as sweetener. 
moringa powder in capsule form
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Moringa Capsule
Look for moringa capsules which are made of dried moringa leaves.  They are simply moringa powder packed in capsules.  Again, for more nutritional density, be sure the moringa leaves are dried in the shade rather than in the sun. 
I think moringa capsules are the easiest way to take in moringa when you’re not in the tropics.  It’s also a good choice for those who are in the tropics but for some reason, are too busy to cook fresh moringa.  They are also a good option for those who do not like the taste of moringa.  But given the tiny size of even the largest capsule, I think you have to take at least 4 capsules a day to get the benefits.  In my opinion, you need not worry about overdosage as we here Filipinos definitely eat cupfuls and bowlfuls of moringa leaves.

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