Banana Blossom Patties

homecooked banana blossom patties
These may look like meat patties but they are really made of banana blossoms.  Yes, banana blossoms– high in fiber, zero in cholesterol, very cheap and what’s very important to me– utterly kid-friendly.  
banana blossom
In case you’ve never seen a banana flower or blossom, here it is.  It sells here in my city for only 5 to 10 pesos, depending on the size.  And the whole thing can feed a crowd.  Seriously.  
banana blossom still up on a tree
Here is how the banana blossom looks high up in the banana tree. Pretty little thing.
There are actually many Filipino recipes for banana flower but I chose to make it into fried patties as they are my kids’ favorites.  I just make sure I use coconut oil for frying, as to why, read here.
florets inside banana flower
If you lift up each maroon-colored flap or leaf-like portion of the banana blossom, you will see these little yellow florets.  These are what I used for my patties.  Pluck the florets and set aside.
banana inflorescence
After removing the maroon-colored flaps one by one and plucking the florets underneath each, the banana blossom is reduced to this dimension.  You will notice that the skin is a lot paler now.  You can still use this for patties or for other recipes.  (I told ya, this could feed a crowd.)
banana florets
Here are the florets.  They will oxidize and turn ashen gray a few minutes later, but that won’t be a problem.
banana floret upclose
Here’s the tedious part– removing the hard, plastic-like, stalk-like thing inside each floret.  I think it is removed for the reason that it is quite hard.  It takes about 15 minutes just to remove the florets.  If you have kids, you can enlist their help.  They will love it.
banana flower chopped
Once all the stalks are removed from the individual florets, you may proceed to finely chopping the flowers.  It would then look like this.
chopped onion and garlic
Now chop your spices finely as well.  I always use lots of garlic and onions.  They add flavor and so much nutrition.  Read about garlic here.
fresh raw eggs
An egg or two would serve as the liquid base for your patties.  Of course, eggs add nutrition and flavor.
herbs and spices for banana blossom patties
Here are the other ingredients– soy sauce to add a meat-like color, bread crumbs and flour.  I also use bouillon cubes but only very sparingly.
dough for banana blossom patties
I just mixed everything well, in no particular order.  So basically, you need the following:
  • 3 cups banana blossom, finely chopped
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 head garlic and 1 big onion, finely chopped
  • 1 cup bread crumbs
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 of a bouillon cube 
  • enough oil for frying

dough shaped into balls
Shape the mix into patties or balls, whichever you prefer.  At this point, you can heat the oil in the pan, during which time the patties would cure and rise.  I urge you all to use coconut oil, just never the hydrogenated kind.  Since VCO is very expensive, I use RBD oil.  Read about that here.
fried banana blossom patties
Here are my banana blossom patties in their crispy, golden brown glory.  Yum!
banana blossom patties plated
All that remains to be done is to plate these goodies in a fun way to up their kid-friendliness even more.  Enjoy!

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