Flowers and Personalities

Allow me to share how I think about flowers in general. Somehow a flower reminds me of a particular personality. I may be taking this too far, I guess I may have spent too much time in my garden, yet this may prove interesting.
my pink Adelfa flower
This flower is called Adelfa here in the Philippines. It’s a gift from my hubby. He spoils me with flowers nowadays. Sometimes he brings me stem cuttings for me to plant while at other times he brings me an already potted plant like this Adelfa which already bloomed when he bought it. I tell you, when this flower blooms, it holds nothing back but brings forth a whole clump of many flowers, each ravishingly lovely from every possible angle.
If this were a lady, she would be lovely as lovely can be, sweet and soft-spoken, utterly feminine and charming to a fault. She wears girly clothes with lots of lace and frills and is the one who can always put together a pretty, feminine look no matter the occasion. She is often mistaken to be vain but in reality she is a natural, effortless beauty with a gentle and kind heart.

my orange flower
This is called Margarita here and I believe this belongs to the sunflower family, though it is orange rather than yellow. I often think of this beauty as the gregarious, perpetually smiling and hopelessly optimistic type. She is the life of the party and has taken upon herself the mission of being her friends’ cheerleader. She always has an infectious laughter and a generous smile for everyone. Come rain or sun, you can count on her to bloom on. You will appreciate her bubbly presence and will miss her when she’s away. She cares little about her looks but you will always think of her as beautiful in a homely way. Smiles and laughter have a way of beautifying people.

my yellow orchid flowers
This orchid has been christened by Filipinos as “dancing lady” because each flower seems to be a lady dancer clad in full and frilly yellow skirt. If this were indeed a lady, no, she wouldn’t occupy her time dancing. She would be the pretty, happy and hardworking one who always seems to be doing something or helping someone. With a string of projects in her head, she amazes you with how hard she works and yet how happy she seems to be. Have I told you that yellow flowers are my favorites? They are bright and happy, maybe not as beautiful as lovely pink ones or as dramatic as striking reds, yet they are pleasant and comforting, kind of like happy hardworking mothers.

When I’m alone in my garden, I’m in good company really.

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