Tropical Plants With Stripes and Blends of Green and White

Tropical plants and flowers make my day. I could spend half of the day puttering around my garden if I could. Of the ornamental plants that I love, those with stripes and blends of green and white seem to be my favorites. They are just so bright and happy and alive and clean. Meet some of my beautiful tropical plants.
tropical plant with green-yellow stripes
One of the more common tropical plants is this beauty which has broad leaves that seem to be painted with white and then brushed lightly with just a tinge of lime green. The margins are lined with deep green. This is one hardy beauty which loves indirect light. I place it in corners which need some brightening up, such as in dim nooks of backyards or up against a dark-colored wall.
This is one of NASA’s top air-purifying plants, which is one reason why I’m keeping it. Like forever. The long, cornleaf-like leaves are avocado green in color and brushed with yellow at the center for a graceful contrast.  I like to put it where I can look down on its pretty radial symmetry.
green and white caladium
This cutesy caladium is a recent buy. I fell in love with its high-definition green and white contrast which never fails to cheer me up. Caladiums are some of the prettiest tropical plants around. The heart-shaped leaves, the delicate stalks and the intricate lace-like pattern on the leaves is just awesome. This caladium is tiny, however, and is best viewed up close. I like to just pot it in a tiny ceramic pot and set it as a table centerpiece.
spider plant in pot
Meet the spider plant, the second in the list of the most powerful air-purifying tropical plants. I love the quiet strength exuded by this plant. It has a solid turgidity about it which gives its spindly legs the look of a spider poised to crawl anytime. The symmetry, the stance and the well-defined contrast make this plant strikingly lovely.
tropical plant with small green and white leaves
This ornamental plant has tiny, round leaves which show irregular patterns of green and white. The green is of the deep, glossy kind and gives nice contrast to the random blotches of white. As this plant tends to spread its bushy arms sideways, I like to give it much space on both sides.
green and white coleus with scalloped leaves
Coleus plants are probably the hardiest, bushiest and loveliest tropical plants you can have. This particular coleus variety grows out of a stem cutting I unashamedly asked from a former neighbor. I fell in love with this at the very first sight. The charming chartreuse green at the center, the dreamy cream at the margins and the graceful scalloped edges are just so irresistible. I would love to have a row of this.
tropical plant with thin, green and white leaves
This tall, slender and graceful beauty is one of the most-loved tropical plants. The long ovate leaves have a lovely blend of green and white. It has paper-thin leaves which are brushed sideways with broad, alternating strokes of green and white. This is a shade-loving plant which can light up dim interiors of the house.
my miniature garden in a pot
Am I the only one obsessed with tropical plants which have stripes and blends of green and white? Or are there kindred souls out there with even prettier plants than these? How I would love to see your plants, too.

2 thoughts on “Tropical Plants With Stripes and Blends of Green and White

  1. Do you know the name of the plant below the Spider Plant? I am almost positive I have this growing in my yard, but this is the only picture I can find on the internet that matches my plant exactly…green and white compound leaves with 5 leaflets, rounded tips…random patterns of green and white (i.e., some almost completely green, some half green, half white)…primarily one shade of green, rather than two or three varying shades on a single leaf, etc. I’m really trying to find out more about this plant, but I can’t identify it. There are a lot of similar plants online, but they’re not the same.

    1. I am sorry but I do not know the name of that plant. I hope I can help you but as you know, it is quite difficult to browse for photos, much less ascertain the name. Thanks for dropping by my blog though.

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