Coconut Oil– Not a GMO Oil

coconut oil

In my previous article on why I think coconut oil is better than most cooking oils, I mentioned GMO oils—or more accurately, oils which come from GMO crops—as potentially risky for our health. If you take the time to research online, you will find many natural-living and wellness sites which discuss the evils of genetic modification. Try visiting or and independent bloggers such as—they all will tell you that many crops are now in queue for some genetic tweaking.

The 4 most commonly genetically-modified crops in the US are the SCCC which stands for soybeans, corn, canola and cotton. Only one (cotton) is inedible (source: while the rest are routinely ingested either as drinks, food or food additives. The first three—soybeans, corn and canola—are turned into oils and as such can be appropriately labeled as GMO oils. Thankfully, thankfully, none of the 3 Cs include coconuts. But of course. (Well, if coconuts could thrive in the US, they would have been genetically modified by now.)

Many Westerners are now realizing that their own government has done them disservice in misleading them about the real value of coconuts., for example, which is a highly-trafficked independent blog on natural living in the US, is filled with promotional information on coconut oil and other coconut products and even makes her own meals and toiletries out of coconut-derived products. This should put Filipinos to shame as we live literally under coconut trees yet prefer to use canola oil or corn oil.

I was appalled to know that my hypertensive friend was prescribed canola oil by her cardiologist and was warned against using coconut oil! This doctor too, is a product of western propaganda. Canola oil is the most messed-up oil genetically. Besides, it has a very low smoking point and will burn so easily when used in frying (try it, because I have). I’ll talk about genetic modification later, but suffice it to say at this point that GMO crops are unnatural crops, with their natural, innate, God-created genes altered in order to lend some superplant (I was about to say superhuman, haha) powers like fight pests, subsist in drought, etc.—all for the purpose of increasing the profits of producers.

I have always believed that plants have been naturally created by God to be cared for. (Hey, all living things need some form of care.) Plants and crops need to be watered, nourished with organic (not synthetic) fertilizers and protected from pests with natural and harmless methods. But because these are all time-consuming and labor-intensive practices (which by the way give us humans avenues to exercise), they go against the shortcut, effortless and get-rich mentality of big-time manufacturers.

Big-time manufacturers go for “freak” crops which have superpowers: corn which kills bugs and weeds (and who knows what else), soybeans which grow with very little water, Yao Ming-big melons, etc. I say we don’t need super plants, we need natural, nutritious foods, not some avatar-plants which repel pests in our garden and might just kill good bacteria in our gut (who knows?).
Consuming genetically-modified crops is one of the suspected culprits for the rising trend of cancer around the world. This is the general consensus shared among naturalists and herbalists. Need I say more? Use coconut oil.

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