Spider Plants– Powerful Air-purifying Plants

The spider plant is one of the most powerful air-purifying plants based on a study undertaken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In an effort to clean up the enclosed and chemical-laden air of space capsules, NASA scientists hosted a study in partnership with the American Landscapers’ Association. The study discovered the amazing ability of plants to absorb toxic gases and chemicals, thus making spaces more livable. Ornamental plants topped the list of air-purifying plants, performing better than others.
If you want to collect all the top air-purifying plants but do not know what they are, please click on these articles I have posted on the top 1 to 10 air-purifying ornamental plants as well as the top 11 to 20 air-purifying plants. The posts come with pictures on each plant so you can put them in mind and shop for them in your plant nursery.
In this article I will discuss the spider plant. This will be a picture-loaded post which will walk you through the propagation process.
The air inside our homes is actually just as toxic or even more toxic, than outdoor air. Toxic gases circulating within our homes come from the more obvious sources such as smoke, paints, varnish, insecticidal sprays and cleaning agents and also from seemingly harmless household products such as perfumes, hair sprays, nail polish, deodorants, carpets, acetone, plastics, rubber, inks, detergents, ad infinitum. Ornamental  plants like spider plants serve to absorb some of the toxic gases in our homes.

my newly-bought spider plant

This is the spider plant I bought 6 months ago. Here in the Philippines, it is only 15 pesos or just $0.33. At the time I purchased it, I was yet totally ignorant that this has the ability to clean the air around my house. I bought it for its interesting spider-like shape and the striking green-white blend.
I strongly suggest you buy a small spider plant as it is cheaper. Simply look for a healthy-looking spider plant with turgid leaves. Spider plants originated from Africa and are very hardy, able to thrive in the sun, shade, rain or drought.

baby spider plants or plantlets

Four months after I bought the plant, it is now shooting baby spiders or plantlets. You will initially see a white stalk emerging from the plant, on which will be growing 2 to 3 baby spiders or plantlets, each of which can be planted to produce new spider plants.

baby spider plants or plantlets

The spider plant derived its name from the spider-ry appearance of its plantlets. These baby spiders are now ready for transplanting.

baby spider plant with root-- ready for planting

Wait for the plantlet to develop roots before transplanting it. Patience is key, otherwise your spider plant will not thrive. If you see even a single root like this, you can cut off the plantlet from its mother and repot it. In repotting, make sure only the root is beneath the soil and that all the leaves are out on the surface.

mature spider plant with many plantlets

I hope to death my spider plant is this lovely. I got this photo from sandhillcottage.com. Isn’t she ravishingly lovely? I would love to have many spider plants of this stage of maturity all around my house. Much  as I am dying to have lotsa these, my priority right now is to propagate many spider plants so that I have to transplant each plantlet in a pot. Be patient, selfie.

How to care for your spider plants
Spider plants are very hardy but they grow best in rich soil, preferably with compost. They grow well both in the shade and sun. Mine grows under light filtered by the leaves of coconut trees above. I fertilize mine naturally, with pounded egg shell and coco peat. I also poke the soil once in a while to loosen and aerate the soil and allow better absorption of water and nutrients. Spider plants are low-maintenance really. In fact, I may be spoiling my spider plants.
I hope I have inspired you to grow your own spider plants. They are very useful and very beautiful. Spider plants will cheer you up and will make the air around you sweeter and safer.

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