75 Things I Have Learned From 75 Months of Breastfeeding (Part 1)

my then 6 month-old breastfed baby

This month of breastfeeding coincided with my 75th month of breastfeeding. And so this is my breastfeeding diamonthsary! I breastfed my eldest child (now 12 years old) for 18 months, my 2nd child (who is 5 years old) for 30 months and right now, I am still breastfeeding my third child who is 27 months old. Put end to end, I have been breastfeeding for 75 months. I am gradually weaning my youngest now.
First off, I am a non-judgmental breastfeeding advocate. I know there are women who simply cannot breastfeed due to physical or career reasons and I respect their decision. I maintain, though, that breast milk is the best for babies and I would wish all babies were breastfed.
Here are 75 things I learned from the 75 months I’ve been breastfeeding.

  1. I have learned that breastfeeding is time-consuming but so worth it. Let me tell you why.
  2. I have learned to use my breastfeeding time to pray, with my prayer list in hand.
  3. I have learned to use my morning breastfeeding time to plan for the rest of my day.
  4. I have learned to use my afternoon breastfeeding time to take a nap.
  5. I have learned to use other breastfeeding times to read. Oh how much I have learned, with a wi-fi phone or tablet in hand. I’ve read up on news, blogs and many other stuff.
  6. I have learned to use my nightly breastfeeding time to review my day.
  7. I have learned that, really, breastfeeding times have given me back time that I need to just lie down. I tend to be workaholic and would weary myself before lying down.
  8. I have also computed that with an average breastfeeding time per day of 1 hour, I would have breastfed for 1x30x75 = 2,250 hours.
  9. I have learned to think of those 2,250 hours as 2,250 hours of hugging my kids close.
  10. Breastfeeding then, has given me 2,250 hours of stroking my baby’s forehead.
  11. Breastfeeding has given me 2,250 hours of pinching my baby’s butt.
  12. Breastfeeding has given me 2,250 hours of giving my baby backrub. All my three kids love a backrub from Mama.
  13. I have learned to be just like my mother—a shameless breastfeeding mom. Breastfeeding is natural and I can breastfeed anywhere.
  14. I have breastfed in very public places—church, malls (right on benches), busses, bus terminals, boats, airplane, parks, doctors’ clinics. Anywhere.
  15. As a preacher’s wife, I lead quite a public life and I have breastfed while entertaining a visitor or having a church activity.
  16. I have learned that breastfeeding has saved our family so much money.
  17. I have computed that had I spent a thousand pesos a month (some spent so much more) of formula milk for all 75 months that I have been breastfeeding my 3 kids, I would have spent 75,000 pesos to date.
  18. Breastfeeding has saved me from the expenses of buying and washing milk bottles.
  19. Breastfeeding has saved me from hours of washing milk bottles.
  20. Breastfeeding has saved me detergent and water used in washing milk bottles.
  21. Breastfeeding has saved me gas used for sterilizing baby bottles.
  22. Breastfeeding has done away with hungry babies impatiently crying while waiting for milk to be mixed and cooled down.
  23. Breastfeeding has saved me from lugging around bulky paraphernalia when going out or during travel.
  24. I sat next to a formula-feeding mom in a boat and I simply had my breasts and my baby while she had a thermos, a thermos bag, milk dispenser, warmer and baby bottles.
  25. I have learned to breastfeed while eating. I have perfected the art of eating with one hand while supporting a nursing baby with the other.
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