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2013 bohol philippines earthquake

I am writing this brief post to guide you on how to help the victims of yesterday’s 7.2-intensity earthquake which hit Bohol and jolted the whole Visayas region, including my city. Here is a article which outlines in detail the foundations and organizations through which you can course through your donations and contributions.
We have been monitoring on radio since yesterday and these are snippets of what I have heard:
Many of the hardest-hit towns in Bohol are cut off right now from transportation since gasoline stations are closed and bridges, left and right, have been destroyed.
One of the survivors who called a relative in Cebu said many died instantly due to collapsing buildings while there were some who were just initially injured but had died after several hours of not being rescued.
All stores were closed and there is, right now, rampant shortage of water and food.
To date, there have been 800 aftershocks recorded by seismic trackers. Some were felt while some were imperceptible by humans. Survivors are camping out of their homes, afraid to go inside their houses as there are many aftershocks occurring.
The US Geological Survey has recorded 4 distinct earthquakes today, separate from the big one yesterday.

There is no doubt that many people in Bohol are at this very moment, hungry, thirsty, homeless, helpless and terrified beyond their imagination.

Let us pray and help in whatever way we can.
Earthquakes are especially terrifying as they cannot be predicted by even the most sophisticated equipment. When an earthquake strikes, we do not know where it will hit the hardest and where we could hide. There is absolutely nothing we could do to protect ourselves other than to heed the flimsy advice to drop, cover and hold on. (Wait, to duck and cover is no longer the way, here’s the triangle of life.)
If anything, earthquakes remind us that no matter how able and secure we may feel, we are helpless against the force of someone infinitely bigger and greater, Someone who holds the world in His hand. Our grand houses and money cannot offer comfort. No man-made edifice can stand up to a quake this powerful

But then, again, God holds the world in His hand. And He is holding me and whoever you are who trusts in Him.

“The safest place is to be is at the center of the will of God.”

Again, click here to know where to send your donations.
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