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This blog is already 3 years old and I realize that it’s evolving in a lot of ways. I admit that my very first motivation for blogging is to earn passive income and to do what I’ve always loved doing– write. However, as time passed, that motivation slowly faded away. And part of that change is because of the health blogs that I have come across and the realizations that have dawned on me.

I began to see two kinds of health blogs—those which are multiple-authored  and those which are a one-woman or one-man show, so to speak, like my blog. Whatever the persuasion of the blogger—be he or she pro-paleo, vegetarian, pro-ketogenic, anti-sugar/pro-sugar—one thing I noticed is this: single-authored health blogs are what earn my nod. They’re authentic, personal and independent. Later I will blog on the health bloggers I admire, but for now let me ramble on about my blogging motives.

Health is a very divisive topic. I, for one, have yet to take a firm stand on some health issues. As of now, I do know I’m irrevocably pro-coconut. As for the myriads of diets—paleo, vegan, etc, I still have to make up my mind on them. This is ironic as I deliberately gravitated towards blogging on health for the very reason that I wanted to avoid conflict and division. I stayed out of blogging on faith precisely because it is a heated issue. I can talk one-to-one on my faith, with an open Bible as the sole rule book, (this is the best way to do it) but I digress…
What I’m really saying is, I am clarifying my blogging intention down to this:

I intend to blog on health based on what I have honestly, judiciously learned. 

I have turned down some offers to promote multi-level marketing/networking health products which seem spurious, but I have featured products which I really believed in, even when I had no stake in them whatsoever. I gravitate towards natural, herbal, plant-based products which are made by social entrepreneurs and passionate health enthusiasts. (If you are one, do not hesitate to contact me.)

I intend to blog in order to help my family be healthy and well. 

I have said it before and I’m saying it again now: I love my family so much that I want to live for as long as I could to be with them and love them and serve God with them. I will not promote a product on my blog simply because I am paid to do it. Of course if I get paid for blogging on what I really believe in, that would be better, haha.

I want my blog to be something that my children can refer to as a health book when they have their own families. I intend for this blog to be all these things: a healthy recipe book that I can pass on to my daughter, a tutorial for DIY toiletries, a guidebook on growing flowers and herbs, a family photo album on relaxing and stress-reducing activities.

I want my blog to reflect my growth as a student in health. 

I still have a lot to learn. And unlearn. I will make corrections as I go along. I will make mistakes and I may lead some astray, but please know that it will never be intentional and that I will own up to a mistake the soonest possible time that I realize it.

I intend to just let this blog grow on its own pace.

As of the moment I really do not have enough time to promote this blog, comment on other blogs and do other search engine optimization things. My hands are full with home and work and church. Perhaps later, in my retirement years? I have not even actively promoted my blog to my family and friends. Strange, eh? Part of me wants to just let this blog attract kindred souls and minds.

I intend to hold on to integrity in blogging. 

Funny as I now realize that blogging on health has made me more and more appreciative of God and His creation. The closer a food product is to its natural, God-given state, the healthier it is. Man-made technology, biotechnology, genetic processing and processing of any form have only messed up food. This blog has really increased my faith on what God has made.

If I do not earn anything out of this blog, that’s okay. The things I have learned are my prize, really.

If my kind of blogging resonates with your values, I hope you will continue reading my blog and perhaps promote it. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+. Thanks in advance!

Here’s an updated version of this blog post where I talked about what this blog has come to mean to me.

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