My 14 New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

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When you come to think of it, New Year’s Day is really just another day in a succession of days. Yet it never fails to give the feeling of a new beginning, a fresh new start. Hence the desire to make resolutions and turn over a new leaf.

If there’s a little tweak I’d like to make this year, it will be on trying my hand at speed-writing, not anymore obsessing about what to write and how I sound but just to dump my thoughts on paper as fast as I could. I want to spend less time on my blog so I could find more time for everything else. There is always the option, of course, to stop blogging but I realize that I have come too far to back out now.

Besides, this blog just rose to a page rank of 2 despite the fact that I have not promoted it much. I am also inching closer to my first Adsense and Nuffnang pay-outs and so I must not stop. More importantly, I have a few discriminating people who told me that they turn to this blog for ways on how to keep their families healthy and well.

Truth be told, I can count with my 10 fingers the number of my Facebook friends who know of this blog. I intend to keep it this way indefinitely. It’s so much easier and more liberating to just write for myself (and for the abstract, faceless masses) rather than be conscious of my audience.

Anyways, here are my resolutions on health and wellness.

  1. Hydrate. I really need to drink more water. Actually, I’ve been drinking water right after waking up and before bedtime but I need to refill more throughout the day. Water cleanses, activates and is a trusty anti-ager.
  2. Detox. I try to do any, or a few and sometimes all of the following, each day: take a tablespoon of VCO, drink sugar-free lemon juice before breakfast, mince up a piece of fresh garlic and swallow it quick with a gulp of water, swallow a whole piece of chili pepper, drink herbal tea and lately, eat a salad of glinora, etc.
  3. Up the fiber. I must look for something fiber-rich each meal and not be content with just having carb and protein. I need to have the mindset to look for a fiber-rich food AT EVERY MEAL. Quick fiber includes fresh fruits, steamed okra, cucumber salad, atsara (pickled green papaya) and moringa stew.
  4. Spice up. Apart from the usual garlic, onion, tomato and lemongrass routine, I need to try incorporating other spices and herbs into my diet. I’d like to have more of the Mexican kick of cumin, the Indian flavor of curry and the Mediterranean charm of basil.
  5. Nibble. Studies show that taking small frequent meals does the body a lot better than having 3 square meals a day. Three square meals and three mini-snacks spaced 3 hours apart is a good practice which controls hunger, creates a steady feeling of fullness and stabilizes blood sugar and insulin levels.
  6. Plate right. Half of my plate should be for glow foods, a fourth for go and a fourth for grow. This should not be mixed up. And there should be no second servings, if I could help it, haha.
  7. Exercise more. I am already standing up rather than sitting down in front of my laptop. Standing up makes me more ready to move more. I also need to do jumping jacks for 10 counts – this is a very short burst of exercise that I can sneak into my sked. In the making is a table tennis so my husband and I could stage friendly matches every afternoon or so.
  8. Garden more. You know I have a flower container garden which never fails to lighten my mood every day. I also have a vegetable patch which gives me 15 kinds of plants: okra, eggplant, lemongrass, lagundi, thai basil, pechay (bok choy), spinach, moringa, chili pepper, pandan or screwpine leaves, oregano, chives, papaya, aloe vera and saluyot or jute leaves. I’ll blog about my square foot veggie garden soon. Vegetables for my body, flowers for my soul plus lots of avenues for exercise.
  9. Be more thankful. I am inherently a worrywart who is trying so hard to be optimistic. I have so much to be thankful for really, if I just take time to count my blessings. I am saved, I have the Bible as my guide, I can ask my Father anything anytime anywhere, I come from a family of solid values, I married my best friend and pastor, I have smart and beautiful kids, I have loyal friends and I love my home and I love my work-at-home job. Whenever my mood goes awry, I need to snap out of it quick by rallying happy thoughts back again.
  10. Give more. I do not own a thing. Everything belongs to God. I only give back what is God’s. And yet He outgives my family every time. Giving has a way of sending the gift back to me many times over. I have seen it over and over again. Giving blesses the giver with positive thoughts which are so mentally gratifying.
  11. Work more. God meant for me to be productive, useful and fulfilled. I am thankful I have more work than I have time for instead of having more time than I have work for.
  12. Pray more. I need to spend more time and thought establishing a more meaningful relationship with my Creator, Savior and Lord. I am challenged by the prayer life of George Mueller.
  13. Read my Bible through. If I could read 3 chapters of the Bible every day, I would finish the whole Bible – all 39 Old Testament and 27 New Testament books.
  14. Strive for balance. This is probably the most challenging part of it all but one which makes everything work together well.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

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