My way of saying Happy New Year!

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I am sad to be ending the year 2013 with a no-show here in my blog. My extended blogcation was because of a series of events which left my routine out of whack for some time. Not that I regretted any of the events. No, no. For the record, the events which got in the way of my blogging are family events and are the sorta thing I would welcome. Anytime.
Like my younger sister’s beautiful wedding in November. Seeing my new brother-in-law as the dashing groom and my own sister as the dazzling bride is just so special to miss. And so I braved the arduous 12-hour trip and got my nauseous, vertigo-ridden body off to a boat-and-bus travel that would take me to my home province of Bukidnon.
Never mind that it meant leaving behind my high-schooler tween and my 2-year-old toddler to fend for themselves during my 5-day absence. Okay, not exactly. My very responsible husband was there to make sure my tween is sent off and fetched from the science high school that she wouldn’t absent herself from (even for her auntie’s wedding, what a good student) and that my toddler gets his afternoon naps and nightly sleeps and nappy changes and … well, y’know how it goes.
For such a milestone event in the family, I would have wanted so much to bring my whole family with me. But my highschooler missing 3  school days would put her stay in science high school at risk and my toddler cannot brave a back-to-back 12-hour trip just yet.
If there’s any comfort, it is that I had my 5-year-old boy to keep me from getting intolerably homesick. He insisted to travel with me and we relented after her teacher gave him permission to leave as he was a “good coper” in class.
Well, the wedding went beautifully and deserves another post really. I got to meet my uncles and aunties and cousins and nephews. I got prettified in professional photos. It’s amazing how wedding photography has improved nowadays. And of course, just as any brief absence does, the heart grows fonder and I found myself missing my hubby and my kids so much.
But the thing is that when I got home, I had to contend with a work backlog and of course the many little domestic duties that are too many to recount.
Aside from the wedding, the holidays brought a steady stream of visiting families. My husband’s auntie. Then my brother-in-law. The auntie again. My father-in-law. Then my honeymooning sister and her spanking brand new hubby. I am blessed to have warm relationships with both sides of my family. I really pray for peace and harmony with my own family and with my in-laws. So far, so good!
I also got to work with my husband in taking care of my father-in-law for three weeks. My father-in-law has arthritis and heart problems and thus has special dietary needs. And so despite the Christmas season, we kept ourselves to healthy fare like roasted fish, fish stew and vegetables and fruits. None of the usual holiday food indulgences. That must have been good — at least for the adults in the family.
We also ended the year just like we always do, with a year-end thanksgiving with the whole church. Out in some simple beach hut, our small community of Bible believers camped out and pigged out for a night and a day, sharing testimonies and just thanking God for a year of blessings.
What I’m trying to say is this: I still want to blog. But blogging is not all there is to my life. God first. Family second. Everything else is dispensable. Even this blog. But thank goodness life still affords me time to blog. For three years now I’ve been writing almost daily and most of my write-ups are never under my name. Copywriting reality. Blogging is the only way I can truly own what I write.

So there goes my first post under the category of Blogging. Isn’t this a lousy way to say “Happy New Year!?”

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