My Container Garden After a Year

I have been maintaining my container garden for more than a year now. It was the start of 2013 when I began to fill up the various nooks and crannies of our place with pots of plants and foliage. I promised in this post that I will be showing photos of my garden a year later — which is 2 months ago today. (Does that confuse you?) Anyway, here are some photos of my container garden. How they have grown when compared to last year.
Aside from keeping plants and flowers — which I can’t have enough of — I also have a square foot vegetable garden outside of the fence. I will feature it next but for now, here are my ornamental plants. I have slowly been enlarging my collection of plants. I have this dream that should the Lord give us our own lot soon, I have a substantial variety of plants to adorn the place.
my container garden
I really don’t have that much luxury of time to devote to my garden. I can only water it, weed a bit and do some mulching or fertilizing. I do not have enough time to divide all the overgrown pots and transplant the new shoots. It is not very neat actually but it is pretty enough to delight my eyes.
I have not gone overboard in my garden, though the husband thinks otherwise, haha. I have used the cheapest of pots and my flower stand is just made of bamboo. I still dream of having iron grills as my flower stand though. Later.

my container garden

Why do I keep my container garden anyway? Here are my answers.

To bring me joy

There are so many reasons why I still keep my garden of foliage. Firstly, it still gives me joy which is one overridingly huge reason. Nobody should ever forsake something that gives her joy. I like looking at leaves. I absolutely adore blooms.I love seeing signs of growth. I love the fact that they are quiet. I love the play of light and shadows on the leaves. I love the way they dance with the breeze.

my container garden

To give me a workout

Every day I go back and forth from our artesian pump — yes, that old-fashioned, rusty artesian pump — and pump water into a small bucket which I use to water my container garden. I intentionally choose a small bucket so I can make frequent trips — about 20 actually. This chore does not tire me as I look at it as my fellowship time with my plants. It gives me satisfaction to be able to be able to quench their thirst and “give them a bath” as I would tell my toddler who follows me around as I do watering.
Every single day, except when it is raining, I get to do this happy chore for about 25 to 30 minutes. On top of that watering exercise, I also do some minor lifting (to transfer pots around) and bending (to weed out grasses and to sneak in mulch).

my container garden

To improve my family’s health

I have explained in this post that plants absorb toxic gases which come from various sources around the house. Please look at these top 1 to 10 and these top 11 to 20 ornamental plants which have been found by NASA to absorb and neutralize various fumes and gases such as benzene, formaldehyde and others which come from such things as paints, varnishes, nail lacquer, hair spray, synthetic perfumes, binders and fillers in wood furnishings, etc. These are things we have around our house.

Not only that, plants also naturally lower ambient temperature to keep your surroundings and your head cool. Plants also give off oxygen which experts say are not at optimally high levels in the city nowadays. I have indeed noticed a fresher, cooler and more relaxing ambiance ever since I started gardening.

my container garden

To spruce up my surroundings

I have epiphytes like this purple cattleya to adorn the trunks of coconut trees around our place. I have lines of plants to hide ugly concrete walls all around the perimeter. There are tall hibiscus bushes and baby coconut trees at the back, mid-sized plants in the middle and low, midget plants as front border.

I get a kick out of rearranging pots according to my fancy. A pot with a bloom would be put in the spotlight. Lush growth would be used to fill up a corner. I especially like the fact that I can pick the best-looking foliage and put them on the church stage every Sunday.

I just love my container garden, simple though it is.

my container garden

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