Clarity Braces — Say goodbye to all your dental embarrassment

Editor’s note: This is a guest post submitted by Katherine Flowers.
“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” – Phyllis Diller

Often, the first thing people notice about you is your smile. It defines you and makes a lasting impression. However, not everyone has a naturally straight smile. If you are one of those who possess a less than perfect set of pearly whites, you may need braces.

It is never too late to get the perfect smile. Forget the negative connotations of having braces. Different brace options are available today such as clear ceramic braces. Unlike traditional metal braces, ceramic braces  blend more naturally with your teeth. They are also stain-resistant and will not discolour over time. It is like having a set of invisible braces.
One of the most innovative and revolutionary clear braces on the market today is Clarity, a popular choice amongst teens and adults. Clarity braces are made from fine-grain ceramic materials which combine orthodontic performance and aesthetics. Wearing them will give you a reason to flash your pearly whites.
You can learn more about the advantages and benefits of wearing a set of ceramic braces below:
Why should I choose Clarity braces?
These braces are one of the best cosmetic alternatives to traditional metal braces. Combining state-of-the-art technology and progressive design, Clarity delivers enhanced patient comfort, a smaller design and innovative aesthetics. Each clear ceramic bracket also features a unique APC (Adhesive Coated Appliance System) Flash-Free adhesive system which shortens the bonding process. This makes the entire process more comfortable for patients. Patients of all ages will enjoy wearing Clarity braces.

What are the materials used to make Clarity braces?
Clarity braces’ ultra-small translucent brackets are made from grain-sized ceramic materials. Each bracket is created through an injection-moulding process to ensure strength and reliability. Since it is made from high-quality materials, these braces are also designed to resist stain and discoloration over the patient’s treatment period.
Compared to other ceramic braces, Clarity are much smaller, making them the lowest bracket profile in the industry. Its size makes it more attractive for patients to wear. In addition, these braces feature under tie-wing spaces for ligation and flexible treatment options.
Will Clarity braces help solve my orthodontic problems?
Our teeth help us effectively speak, chew and bite. They also promote healthier teeth and gums and prevent jaw problems. Some of the orthodontic issues patients usually experience are:
Spacing – missing or unusually small teeth can result in large spaces between the teeth.
Overbite – the upper front teeth can overlap the lower teeth. In some cases, the upper teeth touch the lower gum tissue.
Openbite – this is when the upper and lower teeth do not meet when you bite down. This makes it difficult to chew food effectively and it may affect a person’s speech.
Crossbite – sometimes, the upper teeth rest inside or outside the lower teeth. This can also cause the jaw to shift as it grows.
Teeth crowding – caused by a narrow jaw, teeth crowding is when there are unusually large teeth or there is not enough room for them.
Proper treatment of these irregular bites can improve your overall oral health. Orthodontists recommend ceramic braces for their durability and comfort. These braces are strong enough to cope with a patient’s treatment process. Their dome-shaped design and smooth rounder corners minimise soft tissue contact.
Clarity takes pride in its patient-focused products which help solve a wide range of orthodontic problems.

Your smile will always be a priceless asset. Clarity braces provide an effective and attractive alternative to metal braces. They will not just improve your appearance, these braces will also boost your self-confidence and overall esteem. Say goodbye to your dental embarrassment and wear your braces with pride.

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