Product Giveaways: Porcelana Whitening Lotion and Sunblock with SPF 30

Remember my product review on Novuhair Anti-hair loss/hair fall shampoo and hair tonic? Well, the people behind that bestselling product have graciously sent me a gift pack containing their new beauty products — Porcelana Whitening Lotion and Porcelana Sunblock with SPF 30.

Here are the descriptions of the products as printed on their labels:

Porcelana Sunblock with SPF 30
A lightweight and mineral oil-free cream that helps protect the skin by stopping the harmful UVA and UVB rays from penetrating the skin.
Directions for use: Apply liberally on desired areas before sun exposure. For added protection, reapply after swimming, excessive perspiration or extended sun exposure.

Note: This product is not organic as it contains parabens as well as TEA or triethanolamine.

Porcelana Whitening Lotion
Porcelana Whitening Lotion is a light and non-greasy lotion that moisturizes, lightens and protects the skin naturally with Lumiskin, an extraordinary antioxidant that makes the skin lighter and more radiant. The addition of Chamomile extract known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties makes Porcelana safe even for sensitive skin.

Notable ingredients include almond triglycerides and chamomile extract.
Again, this is not an organic product as it contains parabens — 5 kinds to be exact.

For some weeks I have been mulling over what I would do with these products. You see, I have been trying, ever so slowly, to wean myself from toxic-laden products — either in food or toiletries — and these products are not entirely organic in the purist way. Though certainly much better off than the rest of the mainstream toiletries we often see in grocery aisles, these products contain parabens which I do not approve of.

However, if it’s of any comfort to you, we really cannot avoid toxins. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the TV in our living room, the wifi in the etherspace, the bottles in our medicine cabinet — why, even our own metabolic processes — are bombarding us with toxins every hour. You know what I just do? I make sure I eat antioxidants in the form of live fruits and vegetables and some choice (not commercial) food supplements and then I try to get enough sleep and put in exercise (argh, though).

Now back to the products: I am simply featuring them here as my way of thanking the people who sent them to me for free. I’m also thinking of sending these free to any of my readers in the Philippines.

If you want to receive one of these products, and if you don’t mind the parabens, do the following:
  1. Like the Be healthy and well facebook page. If you have liked it already, just tell me your facebook name so I can verify that you have indeed, liked.
  2. In the comment box below, tell me how you came across my blog (examples: searched for moringa in google, referred to by a friend, seen in, or just stumbled upon it, etc.) and then tell me what you like about my blog. I will not dare ask you what you do not like about my blog as am weak-hearted like that, lol. That’s it. I will pick two next week and ask the winners via email for their mailing addresses I will use in sending the products.

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