41 things I love about my 41 year-old husband

My dear husband just had his 41st birthday and because he doesn’t want me to greet him in social media, I’ll be shouting out my greetings to him in the world wide web. lol Here are specific things I love about the man I married.
  1. He has taught all of our three kids to read and write as early as they were 3.
  2. He is man enough to do the laundry.
  3. He doesn’t know how to cook and so I have absolute freedom in the kitchen.
  4. He knows his way around the wet market.
  5. He lets me do the grocery.
  6. He says “I love you” to me everyday so that I don’t get chills hearing it anymore – which is a lot better than breaking down each time you hear it because you only hear it once a year.
  7. He brings me along to watch NBA finals each year. He enjoys the game, I just enjoy the college date-like feel. (Though we never had that, as we dated after college.)
  8. He shares my love for farmer’s markets.
  9. He has killer dimples.
  10. I always see him kneel down and pray.
  11. He has persisted in his calling come rain or sun, storm or drought.
  12. He is level-headed and sensible, he gives the family stability.
  13. He reads and knows and lives his Bible.
  14. He obliges my love for gardening.
  15. He gives me time to go out one afternoon each week and do what I want.
  16. He brings me potted plants for my garden every so often.
  17. He knows when and where to buy me fresh lumpia.
  18. He drives the kids to and from school and dishes them out advice while doing so.
  19. He knows more verses than most men and pastors I know.
  20. He has a good, deep and manly voice.
  21. He takes our sons to basketball games.
  22. He teaches our kids to pass out gospel tracts at the city park.
  23. He brings our kids to the city playground.
  24. He treats us to dine-outs when he gets love gifts.
  25. He preps ginger tea with lemon for me.
  26. He loves what I cook.
  27. He knows how to keep privacy for our family amidst a very public ministry.
  28. He has chosen to keep silent in the face of criticism.
  29. He has encouraged me to nurture my hobbies.
  30. He knows how to deal with different personalities, especially mine.
  31. He sees each person as a work in progress and in so doing becomes compassionate and understanding.
  32. He is tall, strong and hunky.
  33. I often find him kneeling down and it gives me a sense of calm.
  34. He reminds me always to live by faith.
  35. He reminds me to look beneath and beyond appearances.
  36. He takes time to help our kids with school work.
  37. He lets me sleep an hour or two during mornings when I lacked sleep because of a fussy baby.
  38. He gives a balance of love and discipline for our children.
  39. He is frugal, but not too much.
  40. He is generous, too, and not too much as well.
  41. He is really a good man, and remember this comes from somebody who really knows him, and is quite critical at that. I love him for that, especially.
(The blurry pic is intentional as he is as private as I am, and would probably force me to take down this post. I am stubborn though. 🙂

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