Five reasons why I opted to be a Human Nature dealer

Human Nature personal care and household products

Human Nature has been my brand of choice for personal care products for many reasons. I am still using other organic brands but Human Nature has such a growing variety of products that their products make up most of my toiletry items. Here are my reasons for patronizing this brand.

I want to use safe, natural and toxin-free personal care products.
Most of the personal care products being sold in grocery aisles are full of known toxins as classified by the Environmental Working Group. Parabens, which are found to negatively affect metabolic and endocrine functions, are routinely added to beauty products to lengthen shelf life. Talc, which has been found to be present in breast cancer tissue, is a most common ingredient in powders and face foundations. Triethanolamine and triclosan, commonly used to make soaps, sanitizers and deodorants antibacterial, kill off the good bacteria in our skin.

Human Nature products are free from parabens, triclosan, talc, triethanolamines, silicones, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances and many other toxins. It is a peaceful thought to know that my family is skipping a host of topical toxins by using bath and body products which are plant-based and toxin-free.

I want to get discounts on my natural toiletries.
Becoming a Human Nature dealer instantly entitled me to a 15% discount — all for a dealership package of P799. There are actually 3 registration packages to choose from:

Registration Package 1: The Bestsellers’ Sample Pack which is worth P1,002.25 at SRP but can be yours for only P799 because of the 15% discount. This includes the following:
  • 11 small samples or product testers (50 ml or 50 g bottles) of Human Nature’s bestselling products
  • 10 magalogues
  • 10 product fliers

Registration Package 2: Full Business Development Pack which is worth P2,688.50 at SRP but can be yours for only P1,999 because of a 25% discount. This package includes the following:
  • 26 Human Nature products
  • 15 magalogues
  • 20 product fliers

Registration Package 3: Hybrid Sample Pack which is worth P2,688.50 at SRP but can be yours for only P1,999 because of the 25% discount. I like this package because it allows you to choose some products. The package includes the following:
  • 11 of Human Nature’s bestselling products worth P1.002.25
  • 10 magalogues
  • 10 product fliers
  • products of your choice worth P1,600 at SRP

Note: All dealer registration packs come with your own Human Nature dealer ID and access to training.

To maintain your 15% discount (for Registration Package 1), you need to have a monthly personal purchase of P800. If you want to level up from a 15% discount to a 25% discount, just make a purchase of P1,500. At this point I found that I was buying more than my family can use up which is why I decided to sell the surplus. Here is my Be healthy and well Facebook store.

Here is the FAQ page on how you can climb up farther on the discount level.

I want to introduce my family and friends to the beauty of natural health and beauty products.

These products are safe, healthful, effective and reasonably priced. Unlike most MLM or networking products, they are sold at fair price. They really are too good not to share. I am not comfortable with personal, direct selling, which is why virtual persuasion via this blog post appeals to me. There is no actual pressure, if you know what I mean.

I want to support a pro-health, pro-poor, pro-environment and pro-Philippines social enterprise.
I have talked at length on the Human Nature story here, please take time to read it so you will understand how worthy of our support this company is. I know it is not the only social enterprise in the Philippines, as there are lots (and I’ll be featuring them one by one, in time), but Human Nature does have a track record for helping out victims of calamities, building houses for the poor, paying more than the minimum daily wages for their workers, using only local and environmentally-safe ingredients and supporting other social entrepreneurs. It really is a noble company.

I want to earn income by selling surplus products.
Being able to use healthy products is good enough. Getting discounts while doing so is even better, but you know what, being able to earn income for all the good reasons above is close to ideal.

If you want to be a Human Nature member or dealer, click here if you live in the Philipines, here if you live in the US and here if you are in Dubai. And if you want to reward me for referring you to this noble company, let’s be in the same group. Type in my name (Michelle Mabalod) and Human Nature dealer ID number — 120701 — on the referrer blank and we will be in the same group. Of course, this is totally optional and you can choose not to do so. With or without me, the membership package prices would be the same of course.

If you do register under me, please contact me so I can get to know you. It would be awesome to have you in my group.

4 thoughts on “Five reasons why I opted to be a Human Nature dealer

  1. Good day. My name is Anne and I am currently pregnant on my 2nd child. I am considering becoming a human nature advocate not really due to its business side but to actually use the products for my kids (as I have been using its loose powder and I love it) since they’re known to be super safe. I would like to know if it is more beneficial (spending wise) for me if i sign up or do i just buy from advocates like you? Thank you very much for taking the time.

    And I really dont understand the business packages. Is there a business package where I can fully customize. Like for example, this is my “target buys”—
    Baby lotion (big)
    Baby wash (big)
    Baby oil
    Nappy cream
    Rescue balm (big)
    Laundry detergent powder
    Orange oil
    Sunflower oil
    Roll on deodorant
    Citrus sanitizer (big)

    1. I have stopped selling Human Nature products for some time now. Not because I do not believe in them though. Just busy. Try visiting their website.

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