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I have deliberated so hard about this post because it’s rather private. I have contemplated on what this blog has come to mean to me. Then I stumbled upon the quote above which pretty much sums up what this blog is to me. Now I am very much aware of health bloggers who are selling out to various health companies and dubious multi-level marketing or networking schemes, just for some perks, but by God’s grace, I will not do that.

Here’s my stand: 
I do have health products, food items and toiletries that I patronize now. 

My choice of these products is based on what I have learned so far about health.
My learning on health is limited to what I have read online and experienced firsthand.
That said, I still have a lot to learn. It may be that there are things I have to unlearn.
However, I am persisting in this blog not for the profits I might rake in courtesy of some health companies and MLMs. I am blogging on health because I want myself and my family to be the first beneficiaries of what I am learning.
That is why my blog posts are mainly on foods (lactofermentation, moringa, coconut, herbs and vegetables), toiletry recipes (homemade deodorant, homemade toothpaste, charcoal air purifier), health routines (oil pulling, sea escapade, grounding), health-related enterprises (solar business, Earthship, Soma water filter) and some health-related rants (GMO corn, the cancer business).
In the course of my reading it is inevitable that I would stumble upon healthy products and I’ve tried some of them, whenever I deem it practical. Or affordable.
So then the question is, why do I not actively promote these products? Well, I have, in a few cases. I remember Optimo coffee which has organic coffee, stevia and coconut milk-based creamer plus some herbs like the green tea and grapeseed extract. I also have featured Ilog Maria and Human Nature health and beauty products. In all those cases I have not been compensated monetarily by these companies. It was of my own volition to do so.

You know in America, health bloggers are blessed in that health companies offer affiliate programs by which the bloggers can get compensation for endorsing some products. Here’s how it works: A company sells health products (essential oils or grounding devices for example) and a health blogger investigates its claims, tries the product or gets free product samples and then likes it enough that he registers to be an affiliate of the company. The blogger then posts (or makes a blog article) about it. Usually, the blogger writes up a blog post containing a link to the product page. Now, because he is registered as an affiliate with the company, every time a reader clicks on the link, he gets directed to the product site, and if he decides to buy the product, the affiliate program system detects the purchase, traces the referral source and promptly rewards the referring blogger with a commission.

Sadly, I do not know of any affiliate program here in the Philippines save for Lazada which is mostly selling gadgets and gizmos. I hope in time Human Nature and Ilog Maria, Optimo and Juice Hut would be setting up affiliate programs but no, they haven’t yet.

And so I am not earning from affiliates. At least not yet. I hope in time I will. The measly earnings I get from this blog, to be honest, are from advertising — local Nuffnang ads and international Google Adsense ads. (Emphasis on measly.)
(This blog’s traffic has been steadily increasing and though I do not check on the Google Analytics page often, I know I have a loyal readership who come again and again and I thank you. Without much promotion, this blog has consistently been among the top 20 health sites in the country.)

The fact is that there are many health-related businesses like ginger tea, corn coffee, coconut water, coconut sugar, turmeric tea and mangosteen products which do not even have an online presence in the form of a website. I say they need to have an online shop where people from all over the country and even the world can potentially become their buyers. And if they go so far as to set up an affiliate program (and again, I know of friends — virtual and real — who offer these kinds of services), their products would be actively and widely promoted by bloggers like me.

Everybody’s a winner in this setup: The seller has his wares sold, the blogger/endorser gets a commission and the buyer gets a good product.

The bad may be that there will be capricious health bloggers who will be promoting products based not on quality but on amount of commissions. But then, let’s face it, the naturally easy and abundant source of information in the internet would logically weed out the bogus bloggers from the legit ones. Wise are the online shoppers who make online background searches on the product’s ingredients and the company’s record. Foolish are the online buyers who fall prey to advertising hype and just take the company’s claims without looking into independent, third-party reviews. Remember Sehat badan coffee?

So here are my hopes:
I hope sellers of health products would reach out to the many talents that are able to put up online shops and websites and affiliate programs. Our country has no lack of coders, graphic designers, ecommerce experts, copywriters and troubleshooting wizards that are being paid by Americans and Europeans right now to maintain their online shops.

I hope the above talents would reach out to the sellers, offering reasonable rates, so that our healthy and quality Filipino products would gain online presence.

If you are a seller of what you believe is a healthy food, herb, toiletry or supplement and would like to explore the strange field of putting up an online store, contact me so I could contact others who are in the know.

If you are a talent and would like to collaborate with me, let’s talk. I’ve seen many pinay mom blogs and health blogs around and I can honestly say that my blog is probably the only blog which focuses on local, indigenous, do-it-yourself healthy cooking and homesteading topics. I have so much to blog about and my blog posts are only spillovers of my actual domestic life. My life is most assuredly rich and this blog is but a small peek of it. As I speak, er write, I still have to blog about my recent homemade Italian pasta sauce made of local tomatoes, fresh basil and herbs. I still have to feature my lacto-fermented iba and green mango, epsom salts, etc. I even have to post about how these health steps I have blogged about have effected a 10 mmHg-reduction in my blood pressure. 
I may be blogging only twice or thrice a week but I am doing this with integrity and honesty. I am not stealing photos, I am not copying and pasting articles or being dishonest. 
This health blog lives to make me and my family healthy and this year, I can honestly say that my family and I have enjoyed good health.

I hope you would continue reading my blog and promote it among your family and friends. I try to be sensible, scientific and best of all, just plain honest. This blog helps me make money without leaving my home and ministry. This has helped me to keep in shape (well, relatively lol) and has really helped me to be creative. I feel so humbled and blessed. And I thank God — andnd you, my dear readers.

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