Ono — all-natural, all-Filipino and affordable skin care products

Ono brand of natural skin care products
You’ve probably come across Ono all-natural soaps if you’re fairly active on Facebook. This line of soaps has gotten hold of my attention for some time now, me being always on the lookout for natural and local food and health products that come in fair prices.

I tried to contact via Facebook the owner (who is a lady lawyer, by the way) but as we were not friends yet on Facebook, I could not get through and then I simply forgot, as what all too often happens in the daily mill of life. Then one day I saw that she has put up a website — www.onoallnatural.com — which made it easy for me to browse through her product line as well as read up on the company’s story and advocacies.

A note to local manufacturers and vendors
I am currently employed by a foreign ecommerce service provider and in the course of my work I’ve come across interesting stuff on online or internet selling. Do you know that in Asia (except in China which is protected by its Great Firewall), social media like Facebook and Instagram are popular ecommerce platforms? Ecommerce pundits say these social media stores are fierce competitors of online stores. If you are a local vendor who wants to break into the world of online selling, it would be wise to put up, at the very least, a Facebook page for your product line, and then later on, venture into putting up a website or ideally, an online store.

However, Facebook does have limitations as compared to an online store.
For one, Facebook is distracting with its myriads of social media connectivity functionalities. The average Facebook user will have his attention pulled in multiple directions — friends, newsfeeds and the endless drama of them all. A visitor of your online store, on the other hand, will have very few distractions as the site/store is all about the product. Also, updates on Facebook get quickly buried by the steady onslaught of other updates while the content of a website stays put.

Now back to Ono soaps. The owner graciously sent me product samples — indeed, the complete line, would you believe it? The box arrived just yesterday, which doesn’t give me enough time to use them and then make a review, and so this post is not a review but simply an introduction to this soap line.

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, you will know that I have been on a mission to ditch toxic products from my home. To be honest, I have not been very disciplined with food, as sometimes I give in to my wicked tastebuds, yet in the toiletry department, which doesn’t require much willpower (lol), I have switched to organic, all-natural items like Human Nature for example.

However, the Human Nature line of soaps is pitifully sparse and the soaps melt way too fast that they simply are not affordable for my family. I tried the Ono Papaya-turmeric variant yesterday and though it’s too early to review it, I did find that it is mild, doesn’t sting my face, does not cause tightness and makes the feel of my face dewy and smooth.

Another thing I like about this Ono line of soaps is that it is made up of a staggering array of 17 variants — and counting, as I’ve heard. What I love about these variants is that they are food-grade — wait, no, they’re really foods! Anything that can be safely eaten can be safely applied on the skin. They are basically olive oil-based soaps that are added with herbal and plant extracts. Here are the 17 variants of their soaps, all mine and my family’s to enjoy.:
  • Olive cleanse
  • Olive and turmeric (read the benefits of turmeric here)
  • Olive and aloe vera (read the health benefits of aloe vera here)
  • Carrot
  • Olive and tea tree (read the health benefits of tea tree here)
  • Milk
  • Papaya whitening
  • Papaya and turmeric
  • Oats and rice
  • Lemongrass and guava (read the benefits of lemongrass here and guava here)
  • Mangosteen (read the health benefits of mangosteen here)
  • Black or activated charcoal (read the health benefits of activated charcoal here)
  • Neem and lemongrass
  • Extreme neem
  • Moringa and lemongrass (read the health benefits of moringa here)
  • Coffee and cream

They also have the following products:
  • Deodorant cream (which smelled so much like my homemade deo, only softer and more spreadable)
  • Body butter
  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-itch balm
  • Facial mask
  • Shampoo bar
  • Pet soap

Then yesterday afternoon I got the rare chance to meet up with the owner herself for a chit-chat. She was on a short trip to my city to meet up with her client (she’s a litigation lawyer, remember?) and she graciously invited me over for coffee at Sans Rival and I tell you it was one of the most stimulating, enlightening and just fun conversations I’ve ever had. Thank you, Attorney May for carving some time out of your busy schedule to share with me the things you’ve shared with me yesterday.

The talk would warrant another a blog post as we’ve tackled so many topics (one of which is on her aversion to MLM/networking), but suffice it to say that I’m sold to her products. She herself has great skin — not the overly uneven whiteness of chemically-bleached women, but the healthy, fine and radiant glow of naturally-nourished skin. I might want to be a reseller in time, if only to be able to use all the soaps for my whole family.

This morning (or just an hour ago) I tried her detoxifying face mask with zeolite (which I still have to blog about) and I love it as well. If you want to try the Ono line of all-natural, olive oil and VCO-based soaps which are of many variants, of fair market value (as it’s a direct selling and not an MLM or networking company) and are locally-made, do visit www.onoallnatural.com or their Facebook page at Ono All-Natural Skin Care Products.

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