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cold-processed turmeric soap

I had so much fun taking these photos. With nary a background in photography — though I guess 5 years of blogging may have given me a dose of visual inclination — I just winged these pics, surprising myself with the outcome. The biggest proof that these pics have attained a level of acceptability in today’s generation? It earned the nod of my 14-year-old social media-savvy daughter.

papaya soap

It is amazing how amazing natural objects look in photos. Leaves, roots, twigs, seeds, paper, stone, wood and metal naturally look good on photos. Just bring in ample natural light, tweak the settings in your camera or app and then they’re good to go.

annatto soap

It is also amazing how soapmaking has clicked with my personality. The ritual of measuring, pouring, blending, unmolding, cutting, wrapping, taking photos of and writing copies for these soaps have become a sort of creative outlet for me.

Leafy Lather moringa soap

This is but a gallery and so I will not be rambling about each soap’s benefits. Actually, there is no scientific evidence that the reported dermatologic benefits of these foods and herbs are still retained in the soaps — yes, even in cold-processed soaps. This might disappoint you, but it is the truth. However, this I have to say: my soaps DO contain the herbs I claim they have and these herbs DO have nutrients, antioxidants and as yet undocumented substances. I have always believed that scientists have not yet discovered all the goodness that God has locked up in the foods He has created. But as to whether these nourishing and detoxifying substances are still present in the finished soaps, that is yet debatable.

Leafy Lather mangosteen soap

This is beyond any shadow of doubt though: Leafy Lather soaps do not contain parabens which cause metabolic alterations.


They do not have artificial fragrances or fragrance oils which have hundreds of potentially toxic chemicals. This cinnamon soap smells fragrant though, because it has real cinnamon powder which is naturally aromatic.

Neither do they have artificial food colors which, though permitted by our FDA, are really foreign to the body.

milk soap

They do not have chemical hardeners — why, they’re not needed as tropical oils make naturally hard soaps. And by hard I do not mean harsh, just that they do not melt easily.

handmade guava soap

They do not have synthetic lathering agents because cold-process saponification already creates natural, bubbly, abundant lather courtesy of saponins.

Leafy Lather lemongrass soap

Leafy Lather soaps do not contain triclosan and other antimicrobial substances either. No matter how brainwashed we’ve been by so-called antibac soaps, antiseptic and antimicrobial soaps actually do more harm than good in that they kill the layer of good bacteria on our skin which is supposed to be for our protection.

Leafy Lather activated charcoal soap

Okay, I forgot. No hard stuff here. Just a light-hearted Pinterest-like and Instagram-my sort of gallery. I will be updating this post from time to time. (You see, I have not yet taken a picture of all the soap variants I have come up with.) So do visit here if you have time to take a peek into the new variants I am itching to churn out.

Leafy Lather cocoa soap

This is probably my favorite photo. Roses and chocolates — the quintessential symbol of love. Snipped the roses from one of the Sunday flowers we have in church, took a few tablia rounds from my cupboard and arranged them all in this condiment plate. Incidentally, this is one of the bestselling soaps I have. Perhaps because chocolates subliminally remind us of love?

neem soap

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fumbling attempts at photo shoots. If my soaping biz fails, perhaps I could go find another job as a product stylist? Hehe…

handmade, natural, unscented, hypoallergenic and cold-processed soap with whole-grain rolled oats

egg yolk soap

coconut milk soap

black rice soap



Here are the steps if you want to buy Leafy Lather soaps:

A. Each 60-gram bar of soap (any variant) retails for PhP40 each. Choose 10 soaps for only 360 pesos. Send the list to me by commenting below, or if you want privacy, send to michelle.a.mabalod@gmail.com Here are the 21 variants (still counting) and pick 10 of these:

1 Turmeric

2 Annatto

3 Moringa

4 Mangosteen

5 Coffee

6 Cherry leaves (bignay)

7 Lemongrass

8 Neem

9 Cocoa

10 Activated charcoal

11 Cinnamon

12 Papaya leaves

13 Milk

14 Lemon (calamansi)

15 Guava

16 Oats

17 Egg yolk

18 Coconut milk

19 Black rice

20 Ripe papaya

21 Tomato

B. Pay via any of these avenues: bank deposit (BPI or BDO), via money senders such as LBC, Palawan, etc. Please specify your preferred mode of payment.


C. Send me your proof of payment — screenshot of bank deposit or photo of payment slip.

D. Send me your full name, complete mailing address and mobile number so I can ship the soaps ASAP.

If you want to understand the whole process of cold-process saponification, click here.

For a spotlight on each ingredient that goes into these soaps go to Ingredients in Leafy Lather Soaps.

Here is why cold-processed soaps are the real glycerin soaps.

View the Leafy Lather Soap Gallery.

4 thoughts on “Leafy Lather Soap Gallery

  1. Order for the ff: 1 @
    Cherry leaves (bignay)
    Activated charcoal
    Papaya leaves
    Lemon (calamansi)

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Please send your payment for 13 soaps (520 pesos) via bank deposit (BPI or BDO) or via money senders such as LBC, Palawan, etc. and then send proof of payment along with your full name, complete address and contact number. I will then ship your order. Thanks. “)

  2. Hi. Interested with your soaps. But Im quite not sure what to pick. Im 52yo and want something that will help me look better if not younger.
    Thank you and Regards.

    1. Anti-agers are usually those which are moisturizing and high in antioxidants. I recommend coconut milk, milk, mangosteen, turmeric and lemon.

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