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When it comes to health, it is often good to be paranoid about what we eat, apply on our bodies, use in our household or practice in our daily lives. Personally, the guiding principle for me through these years can be simplified to this:

  • I must ensure I use only what is good.
  • To ensure that a product is good, I must know what’s in it.
  • To know what’s in it, I must do, formulate or cook it myself.
  • If I can’t DIY it, I must find a product or brand that I trust.

The very reason why I decided to start a health blog is because I want to know — one step at a time — how to improve my health and that of my family. The one thing that has kept me going in health blogging all through these years — despite the demands on my time by my home, church, freelancing and lately, soap business — is the fact that I think I have succeeded in improving my family’s health because of what I have been learning through this blog.

As I look back, I can cite the following health finds that have positively impacted my family’s health in various aspects — diet, fitness, mental health and overall wellness.

I have taken the time to do earthing or grounding so as to attain the right electrical potential for my body. And I have educated my kids about this.

I have made it a point to stand while doing computer work ever since I have read about the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

I still have a long way to go in the fitness department but in my simple, calisthenics-kind of way, I have taken some time off each day to stretch, walk and make some brief high-intensity exercises (think 30 seconds of jumping jack, 30 seconds of wall push-ups, 30 seconds of squats, 30 seconds of lunges).

I have been slowly learning new health recipes like the German Sauerkraut, Mexican Curtido, Indian Chicken Tikka Masala and Spanish Sardines.

In the toiletry department, I have been slowly purging my dresser of chemical-laden brands and have made my own deodorant, hand sanitizer, facial moisturizer (raw, unpasteurized honey) and lately, handmade soap.

I have stayed clear from chlorine bleaches and have used ordinary coconut vinegar and baking soda to mop the floor and clean the toilet.


Nonetheless, even with all these health practices in place, there are still times when a member of my family comes down with an illness. During these instances, my health nut-ness kicks in and I go to home remedies first. And so I make lagundi juice whenever cough pays my family a visit, or guava decoction when anybody gets diarrhea. When that fails, or when symptoms persist for more than 3 days, that is when I go to pharmaceutical drugs.

Yes, I may be what you might call a natural remedy person, but I have profound respect for medicine. I have spent three years in medical school and I know to what extent pharmaceutical companies go through to ensure that the medicines we have are scientifically and clinically examined for years (some even decades) with regards to safety and efficacy.

What would the world be if not for pharmaceutical drugs like anesthesia (how horrid those ancient surgeries were!), antibiotics and insulin? True, there are superbugs that are antibiotic-resistant now, but this is not due to the antibiotics per se, but man’s misuse of these drugs. Drugs, when judiciously prescribed by a medical professional, are life-saving.

I thus consider myself as possessing a healthy viewpoint on drugs. I am first and foremost for prophylactic or preventive measures (hence my ongoing self-education on health) but when illness strikes and natural remedies fail, I go to our family doctor and take prescription. I believe that when all preventative efforts fail, I must entrust my family’s health to the person who has spent unbelievably long years studying the human body. That being said, I also feel that I must trust his wisdom in prescribing the right medicine.

Medicine need not be branded to be effective, by the way. It is pharmaceutical formulation which has therapeutic value. Generic medicine — for as long as it is formulated according to standard pharmaceutical procedures — is just as effective and safe as branded ones. I am happy that more and more Filipino doctors are prescribing generic drugs for then this means they have their patients’ purchasing power in mind.

When it comes to generic drugs in the Philipines, Pharex is a leading brand that is trusted by more doctors over any other brand of drugs. Pharex has a wide array of affordable and quality products such as multivitamins, Vitamin E, B complex, carbocisteine and many others.


In practice, I do not self-medicate. I believe a medical doctor should personally look at the signs and symptoms in order to arrive at the right kind and dosage of drugs. Doctors also need to know the body weight, current status and drug allergies of individuals in order to decide on what medicine to prescribe. How comforting it is to be cared for by a trusted doctor and to be treated with trusted drugs.

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