Review Policy

Unless otherwise indicated, the reviews featured on this blog are on products that I own or have purchased. If I ever do get product samples for review or be invited to company-sponsored events, I would say so in the review.

If you are a company owner or representative and would like to send products or provide services for my review, please know that you must, first of all, make sure that your product and/or service is healthy and well. If I see artificial colors, artificial flavors, trans fats and other unhealthy ingredients or features in your product or service, I will mention them in my review.

I know most products are not entirely perfect, that they have good and bad points. I will just try my best to point out both features in order for my readers to discern and form their own judgments.

I also reserve the right not to feature your product if I find it totally without merit from a nutritional point of view.

I will carefully examine your product and/or service, with as many of my senses and faculties as possible and according to the knowledge I have gained so far in health and wellness. And thankful though I am of any free product I may receive from you, I do not promise to give your product or service a favorable review. I uphold honesty and full disclosure in my blog.

Please contact me if you are OK with this policy and you have product samples you want me to review.