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Here is how you can navigate easily through my site. This page is updated regularly to better guide you in perusing my blog posts. If you look at the top right-hand sidebar, you will see my popular posts tab, the tags as well as the archive. But for you to have a one-page bird’s eye view of my site, I am putting together this one-stop table of contents for you.

Breastfeeding Series

I have breastfed for 75 months, but not non-stop of course. I have always been and will always be a breastfeeding advocate. Here are my articles on this favorite topic:

Why I am a breastfeeding advocate

The benefits of breast milk

How to increase your breast milk supply

75 things I have learned from 75 months of breastfeeding (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Healthy Asian Foods, Drinks and Herbs

10 DOH-approved medicinal herbs

Rice (brown rice, black rice, red rice)

Rice cooked in a pouch made of woven coconut leaves (puso)

Advices on Spices

Aloe vera





Coconut food products

Chili leaves or dahon ng sili

Chlorella growth factor (CGF)


Curry powder




Green Papaya


Jute leaves


Lagundi (Vitex negundo)

Lemons or lemonsito or kalamansi



Marang fruit

Momordica charantia or Ampalaya (anti-diabetic)


Mung bean sprouts


Okra or Lady’s Fingers

Sago pearls

Sea salt, unrefined

Salted eggs

Sea slug secretion or lukot

Sweet potato leaves




Lacto-fermented foods (probiotics):



Lacto-fermented Kamias or iba

All about coconuts

Meaty facts on coconut meat

Coconut vinegar

Coconut juice

Coconut milk

Coconut water


Healthy sweeteners

Coco sugar

Lacto-fermented herbal sweetener

Molasses from sugarcane

Muscovado sugar


Healthy oils

Avocado oil

Coconut oil (health benefits of, rbd/vco, no to hydrogenated oils, lauric acid in coconut oil)

Moringa seed oil

Health Drinks

Corn coffee, the country charm of


Cocoa, non-alkalized, non Dutch-processed

Ginger tea

Ginger tea with a lemon-y twist

Green tea

Hibiscus tea

Lagundi juice for cough

Sweet potato leaf decoction and lemon juice

Turmeric tea

Power-herb cocktail (pandan, lemongrass, ginger and lemon)

Tropical fruits

Atis (sweetsop, sugar apple or custard apple)

Graviola (soursop or guyabano)



Marang (Artocarpus odoratissimus)

Star apple

Easy, cheap health habits you could start today

10 DOH-approved Medicinal Herbs

Activated charcoal


Breath Observation technique

Cast Iron Cooking

Check your cosmetics via Skin Deep

Detox indoor air with charcoal

Dry body brushing (health and beauty benefits of, how to)

Eating raw chili peppers

Flaxseed Oil

Frequenting Farmers’ Markets

Grounding (what it is, FAQs)

Homemade toothpaste

Homemade deodorant (unscented)

Homemade deodorant with tea tree oil

Lacto-fermenting foods

Marinating Meats (basic components of, 10 tips)

Negative ions or anions

Organic toiletry products

Oil pulling (Oil pulling chewables recipe)

Sea escapade

Solar energy (interview with solar business owner)

Sunlight exposure

Tea tree oil

Yes, you can exercise!

Healthy recipes

Banana pancake

Banana blossom fritters

Champorado or Rice-chocolate Porridge

Chicken Curry

Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tocino

Chop Suey

Clam soup

Cocoa liquor

Curtido (lacto-fermented cabbage, carrots and herbs)

Deviled Eggs


Fiddlehead Fern or Pako Salad

Filipino fish stew

Fish cooked in coconut wine, coconut milk and herbs or Linarang

Fish Sinigang or Sour Fish Stew

Fried garlic

Garlic Rice

Gourmet vinegar

Green Papaya Pickle

Homemade yogurt

Moringa-Anchovy Fritters

Peanuts, boiled and fried

Pork Adobo or Humba


Sauteed Green Onion

Sea slug secretion or lukot salad

Spanish sardines

Spicy fried fish

Sting Ray

Sweet and sour chicken recipe

Vegetable stew with coconut milk

Health Problems


Breast cancer

Computer vision syndrome

Dengue (potential cure for, citronella to ward off moskies, no to mosquito coils, OL mosquito traps, dengue vaccine)



Drug abuse

GMO corn

Hypertension (understanding hypertension, what I think led to my hypertension, complications, how to measure bp at home)

MRSA or staph boils

Sitting Kills!

Sleep problems



My Gardening Adventures

How ornamental plants promote health

Air-purifying ornamental plants (top10, top 11 to 20)

12 Advantages of container gardening

Natural fertilizers (Fermented plant juice, Indigenous microorganisms as organic fertilizer, Vermi cast from Vermi earthworms)

Flowers and personalities

How to Grow Pandan

Asexual method of plant propagation




My 7 frugal gardening tools

My Container Garden

My favorite quotes on gardening

Plants with stripes and blends of green and white

Spider Plants (powerful air-purifying plants)

Family Outings

Come have a look at world record-bearing whale and dolphin bones and other interesting finds at the Silliman University Marine Laboratory where we took our kids to for an educational family outing.

You will also find endangered animals like the red-spotted deer at the Silliman Zoo in this article.

Read a heart-warming feature on a day in the lives of my simple fishermen neighbors.

Dumaguete City is Rizal Boulevard is Dumaguete City. Here’s why.


41 Things I love about my 41-year-old husband

I Stand With Israel

Tribute to Sec Jess

My Family Budgeting Method

My Happy Plates

My thoughts on MLM/networking schemes

My 14 resolutions for 2014

On Mark Zuckerberg wedding

On Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy

Tribute to my Daddy

Tribute to my Mama

What Love and Chocolates Have In Common

What this blog has come to mean to me

Why I Blog

Would you pledge to become a cornea donor?