What Love and Chocolates Have in Common

Somebody said, “There’s only one thing better than falling in love—falling in chocolate.” Chocolates, along with red roses, are the quintessential symbols of love and the most favorite gifts between lovers. There may be more to it than tradition. Science tells us that love and chocolates share many things in common. Love and chocolates are… Read More What Love and Chocolates Have in Common

What Whitney Houston’s Death Should Warn Us Of

Whitney Houston is now the second Hollywood superstar in recent months to die from drug abuse, the first being Michael Jackson. Though there may be reports that the popular singer drowned in her bathtub, blood analysis showed a possible lethal combination of Xanax, alcohol and her other prescription drugs.The cause of death cannot be ascertained… Read More What Whitney Houston’s Death Should Warn Us Of

My Negros Oriental Earthquake Experience

A 6.9-magnitude earthquake just hit my city, jolting me to the reality that earthquakes—though surreal– are for real. We were in downtown Dumaguete City when the earthquake struck. (Dumaguete City is about 3 hours from Tayasan, later announced to be the epicenter of the quake.) It was the strongest I had experienced so far. My… Read More My Negros Oriental Earthquake Experience

How To Manage Your Colicky Baby

Colic is defined as that loud and almost incessant crying of an infant which lasts for hours and occurs almost every day. Mothers of colicky infants can get close to tears just listening to this inexplicable and inconsolable crying spells.DefinitionLest you mistake colic for something else, here’s how doctors describe colic and how you correctly… Read More How To Manage Your Colicky Baby

The Benefits of Breastmilk

This is just a simple acronym on breastfeeding which would help us all remember the immense benefits both child and mother can derive from breastmilk and breastfeeding.B– BondingNothing beats breastfeeding when it comes to creating mother and child bonding. You can never breastfeed your baby without cuddling her close. There is special attachment involved in… Read More The Benefits of Breastmilk