Homemade Curtido — Mexican Lacto-fermented cabbage

Curtido is to Central America what sauerkraut is to Germany and kimchi is to Korea. Simply put, it is simply a lacto-fermented and therefore raw and probiotic food that is bursting with good bacteria. You know why I’m enamored with lacto-fermented foods right now? It’s because they are so simple to make (no cooking required),… Read More Homemade Curtido — Mexican Lacto-fermented cabbage

Benefits of lacto-fermented foods

In the US, there has been a growing interest in traditional, naturally lacto-fermented foods. This is because lacto-fermented foods such as sauerkraut and fresh dill pickles have been found to be some of the most beneficial foods around. Lacto-fermented foods are raw and thus naturally abundant in nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes. They are teeming with… Read More Benefits of lacto-fermented foods